[DISCONTINUED/OPEN BOX]: BTH 2 Lid Holders With 9 Dividers - 5.25"W Expandable Holder, Total 9 Adjustable Compartments, Kitchen Cabinet Pantry and Bakeware Organizer Rack (Small, Dark Grey)

$20.00 $26.97


  • UNPARALELLED ADJUSTABILITY WITH CUSTOMIZABLE LENGTH: Suitable for secure storage of all your various lids, the dividers conveniently adjust in increments of 0.6 inches to ensure the correct fit for your crockery.
  • Extra dividers are NOT available. If you need the special coated extra dividers, please message us directly from the "Contact Us" page.
  • EXPANDABLE UP TO 22.25” CUSTOMIZABLE LENGTH: The BTH Pot Lid Organizer is fully adjustable between 12.25” and 22.25” in length – which makes it suitable for worktops, cupboards, and cabinets in all sized kitchens. Anywhere space is at a premium, this Pot Lid Organizer will prove an invaluable addition.
  • SPLITTABLE INTO 2 INDIVIDUAL HOLDERS: Maximize your storage potential even further by splitting the unit into 2 independent pieces, both allowing for the same levels of secure and convenient storage. Keep your regularly used lids conveniently on the counter and store your lesser used lids safely in a cupboard or cabinet.
  • NO MOUNTING OR INSTALLATION REQUIRED: Our design is durable and secure, allowing it to support ALL LIDS, without the need for any tool. All you must do is install the rubber feet, then insert the dividers from inside the frames – that’s all there is to it!
  • EXPANDING MATCHING PAN ORGANIZER AVAILABLE : If you want the same storage versatility for your pans as well as your lids, consider our BTH Pan Organizer. Maximize your kitchen storage space, and ensure your pans are always secure and conveniently accessible.

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